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What Can We Learn From The Oldies (Old News)

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on April 5, 2017

This blog post is from the article “What Old Media Can Teach New Media.” This article is all about how there is really no certainty in the media industry. This is because there is no way to know if something will land well with the populous or not. The media producers have pretty much always been playing a game of “guess and check,” like I did throughout all of my high school math classes. Though there are some very important things that we can learn about how to spread media effectively. And these effective methods come from seeing what has happened in the past. One of the best ways for media to spread is by playing off of current situations. This is seen by looking at trends among the society. Once finding the relevant trend in society, the producer will reference this trend in their advertisement. This advertisement will then play in the minds of the people as a cool or relevant advertisement. Thus, catching their attention and increasingly the likelihood that they will further look into, or potentially buy whatever is being advertised. Though this ploy must be used in a very timely fashion before the trend dies, then becoming irrelevant and ineffective. This can be seen consistently throughout time. This is especially a problem today since trends dies quicker than anytime in history. Another spreadability method that can be seen in old news is repeating and old joke or trend, later on down the road after people have forgotten about it and it then becomes a “classic.” This method is also very time sensitive, because if it is used too soon, it will just seem like they missed the trend, and if it is used too late, it will likely go over people’s head’s. So there are two common methods that are used today in media that can be traced back as far as you want to go. And despite their age they are still incredibly effective in spreading media.


One Response to “What Can We Learn From The Oldies (Old News)”

  1. tommistowers said

    I love your point about how the producer will find the trend and then they use the trend in their advertisement. When the advertisement catches your attention you then often buy or become interested in this trend. Although, this could be risky due to the quick changes in the world in trends it is overall a good idea. Great point!

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