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Using Old Media To Create New Media

Posted by emilychildress329 on April 5, 2017

The article was interesting to me in many ways. I never really thought about the unpredictability that media has. You never know what certain show, idea, or song will be the next big thing. It could be weeks from now, or even years. To me, everyone in this business is basically putting their job on the line to try to find the next big thing. When coming up with different ideas, it is important that each individual seeking this certain “fame” must focus on things that will get them noticed and set them aside from everyone else. It shocks me, however, that producers look at old media and things that were popular from a number of years ago.

The thing about media is that is always changing. People cannot predict what will happen next. It is all about the selling aspect. Producers and managers focus so hard on trying to please the audience or customers that they tend to look away from the media or product itself. When looking away from the product they could risk losing money over making one little mistake, and the whole point of getting the word out about things in the first place is so that people will see it, react to it, and buy it. The point is, is that it is called old media for a reason. It is good to have the certain techniques of old media, but producers need to focus on the future of their media. The world is always changing and I believe that media always is too.


One Response to “Using Old Media To Create New Media”

  1. marylennoxhalf said

    It is very interesting how things become popular. People who could just be sitting in their bedrooms, pile do something online that would get their name/content out there. Althouhh their fame might be true for either a week or a month, they still are doing something , which someone else could have drone and gotten the same popularity from

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