Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Hub for Creativity (April 4th)

Posted by vene131 on April 5, 2017

There are definitely certain YouTube videos that become this source that starts a continuation of a certain type of video. However, this does not mean that the creator is no longer the audience once they take part in the making of certain types of videos. I think this can be said for a lot of YouTubers. Just because they are known as YouTubers now does not mean that they are no longer part of the YouTube audience.

I think this can be said especially of vloggers. They are allowing us access into their every day lives and we are the audience of this. However, they still remain an audience as well because we see them commenting and partaking in the actual of being an audience member with fellow YouTubers. They are still an audience member because they are adding the layers of how the video is interpreted through their experiences and opinions. I know a lot of Booktubers are like this. Booktube is a pretty small community, so that means that Booktubers are still vary much audience members of other people’s videos. I know that one of my favorite Booktubers loves to watch fashion videos as well and she comments and likes them because they relate to her on a personal level. However, she makes videos as well so we are her audience just like she is an audience member for all of the videos that she watches too.


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