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Designing For Spreadability

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on April 5, 2017

Before reading the “What Old Media Can Teach New Media” article, I had never given too much thought to what makes the media industry so uncertain. There is no scientific or mathematical way to determine how to become successful in that business. Humans are always changing, the audiences are always changing. It’s a beautiful thing but makes it hard to know what will succeed and what will fail.

The intentional overproduction part really stuck out to me. I’ve realized that many of the people I follow have done just that. Editors I follow on Instagram and YouTubers just started making things and putting them out there, until people noticed and their works gained traction with an audience. I also realize how many cartoons I’ve seen flop and get shoved onto the nicktoons channel with older cartoons.

Also, the part about formatting reminded me of Steven Universe. Cartoon Network aired some episodes in a format known as “Steven Bombs” with a new episode every night Monday through Friday. This was a success, but long hiatuses follow the bombs. Fans didn’t like the uncertainty of when the show would be back. Cartoon Network still uses this format, but went to weekly episodes after the last one. As of now, there’s another hiatus.

Also, since the other article mentions fake news I can’t not show you guys this tweet from the creator of Invader Zim making fun of Donald Trump while joking about the new Invader Zim movie.



2 Responses to “Designing For Spreadability”

  1. Sean Hull said

    Oh, Invader Zim is coming back? I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but it was certainly iconic; I can still remember being terrified by it back when I was 6 or 7. Hopefully the movie will be just as jarring an experience as the TV show, I want a new generation of children to suffer with me.

    Alright, this wasn’t a terribly constructive blog post, but I just had to weigh in on Invader Zim.

  2. vene131 said

    I have definitely noticed where YouTubers have just put stuff out there for overproduction so they get noticed. Some early YouTubers post like every day to ensure that they get more views because they know that if you overproduce you will be out there more.

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