Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

What Constitutes Meaningful Participation? Part 3

Posted by taylorbelcher on April 4, 2017

In this part of the reading, I learned about several new terms that I had not heard of before. One term was the word “equipes.” The text describes this word as “teams of friends that attend the parties and concerts together” and also “create[s] value through their promotional activities.” It was also interesting to learn that “the more popular your equipe is, the higher you are regarded within the community and the greater your celebrity profile.” Another new term that I found interesting was “produsage,” which is basically described in the reading as “a merging of ‘production’ and ‘usage,’ undertaken by ‘produsers’ through collaborative processes of creation and re-creation.”
I also thought this next quote was interesting. The reading said, “Increasingly, everyone is making media as part of the normal response to reading/listening/viewing rather than out of desire to be media producers in training.” I think that this quote just emphasizes how much people in today’s society actually depends on technology and is growing more and more popular. I thought that using the “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)” video dance craze was a good example for the reading to choose. 
The reading also says that “such videos are evidence of audiences engaging with and appraising content, using it as a resource to express their personal identities and shared interests. Many industry leaders, however, view these mundane practices as significant threats.” I found this section to be quite interesting because we have talked about this sort of thing in class. I’ve always thought of the audience’s engagement of creating or recreating certain things inspired by other things as a positive outlook to promote something, but I can also see how the original producer could feel threatened by that and see it negatively. 


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