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Shadowhunters and Fan Interaction (March 2nd)

Posted by vene131 on April 4, 2017

I definitely can understand how hard it can be for a television show creators to find an equal balance between show content and media content in order to gain the maximum amount of viewership. This is definitely where Friday Night Lights did not follow through. I watched the entirety of Friday Night Lights on Netflix with my roommate freshman year. The only reason I even knew it existed was because Lauren was watching it and pulled me in on her binge. The only reason that Friday Night Lights even gained popularity after it ended was because it was put on Netflix, and Netflix always advertises new shows when they get put on there. So I think the fact that the show lacked fan interaction is the primary reason that the show fell flat to the younger generation. There has to be some from of social media interaction that constantly happens in order for a show to be successful in my opinion. I think this relationship can really be shown on a lot of the Freeform shows.

Personally, I watch Shadowhunters and I have since day one. The cast is so interactive with the fans. Once I watched Kat (who plays Clary, the main character) do a Facebook livestream during my class just because. The cast does livestreams all the time to answer fan questions, no joke I think Matt did an Instagram livestream of him cooking this week. They just know how significant it is to have that fan interaction in order for their show to gain maximum viewership; and it doesn’t hurt that their show is actually good because there are hella POC and sexualities represented.


One Response to “Shadowhunters and Fan Interaction (March 2nd)”

  1. katemilner9 said

    I think you make an interesting point bringing up the importance of not just fan interaction with the stars of the show, but vice versa. Things like those livestreams and livetweeting are just as engaging for the fanbase, but now we must wonder how critical to be of them. Does it come from a place of genuinely wanting to interact with the fanbase, or is it just a move to pull more people in?

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