Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation Pt.3

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 4, 2017

In the last readings, a lot of people were writing blogs on the hit dance song “Crank Dat”(Soulja Boy). As for me after reading part 3 I would like to add on some things that I have caught on about this crazy dance trend. With viewers that enjoy the song and the damce keep rising and the more famous Soulja Boy was becoming, it was clear that sooner or later the song will eventually die out and it will be time for a new dance move. It says that a high school student name DeAndre Way made a recording of the dance leading into a overnight sensation with his “snap” tracks. The Crank Dat became one of those snap tracks as well, with Crank Dat SpongeBob,Bateman,Spider-Man and may more surging the mid 2000s will was hearing a lot of different mixtures that was consistently about Crank Day something. They even say some of Soulja Boy success came from DeAndre Way by engaging the audience to remix and even reform his content making a whole multiple points of entry. Although people say a lot of people helped Soulja Boy with the fame he has today, in my opinion YouTube will always and forever play a key role in anyone path to becoming a trend or even close to a star. Without YouTube large publicity fan base, people wouldn’t be viewing the videos or even wanting to try to make videos of th dance remixing to making it there own or even making it better.


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