Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation pt.3

Posted by emmaeled on April 4, 2017

What I found to be most interesting was the section on The Problem of Unequal Participation. The chapter discusses how people living in a house hold with a higher median income were more likely to create, produce, or participate than those who lived in a household with a lower median income. As stated in the book the Clinton administration made great strides to bring internet and computer access to schools through out the country. Children today now learn, collaborate, and create daily on ipads, computers, and smartboards. However, not every district is the same. Lower income districts cannot afford these accommodations and many of their students are worried about where the next meal or pair of shoes will come from and not how they are going to participate in multimedia societies.

This gap could be potentially harmful because like we saw in They Live! it can create a media that is dominated and mostly created for the wealthy, even by user participation in things like fandoms and youtube videos. This domination by higher social classes can cause a further riff and discourage the lesser socioeconomic class to participate because they feel they don’t have the adequate funds to do so or simply just do not belong in that ring.

If there is to be an equal participation in media there needs to be easier access and training, like they did with the garment workers. These should be especially focused in low income areas even more specifically low income areas that are secluded like deep in the Appalachia or out in the midwest cornfields where access is limited simply because the geographic location.


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