Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation p2

Posted by katemilner9 on April 4, 2017

The introduction of YouTube as a tool for the distribution of “the clip and the quote” was interesting enough on its own. But the later usage of a quote from Brian Grazer was what really stood out to me about this passage. Throughout this course, we’ve discussed medias as things put out into the world for audience consumption, as devices of companies to pull in people, and make money. We’ve taken movies and music and television shows and spoken of them as business moves, as goods being thrown out into the world. But Grazer’s quote reminds us of something often forgotten: as we focus on relationships between media and companies or media and audiences, we look over the relationship between medias and the minds behind them.

In our analysis of these different kinds of medias, we seem to look over the fact that they are artforms in their own respects (even soap operas and wrestling, as resistant as some are to believe it). In talking about how distributors and how fandoms handle participation, we need to consider how an artist intends for fans to participate with their art. While often there is some kind of invitation for dialogue when art is released into the world (going back to old sayings about art not existing in a vacuum), it’s hard to gauge just how far they’re looking for fans to go when contributing to fandom. All copyright rules and financial reasons aside, we do need to remember that not all media comes from a cold, calculated place. Some of it is personal, and comes from an emotional place, and when we remember that, the conversation regarding fan participation changes a little.


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