Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

In a land of myth and a time of magic… (Feb. 28th)

Posted by vene131 on April 4, 2017

There are a lot of shows that get watched illegally for a number of reasons, but one that I can relate would be the idea that sometimes a show airs in a different country and you have to wait awhile before you get to watch it in your country. This is really relevant when you are part of that fandom because people want to stay up to date with the other countries.It’s harder to avoid spoilers on things like Tumblr and Twitter if they show appears like three months before you get to watch it. One example that I can relate this to would be BBC’s Merlin.

Image result for merlin tumblrMerlin was this British TV show that basically told the story of how the greatest sorcerer in the world, Merlin, comes to meet the Once and Future King, Arthur and how their friendship develops over many years.

Being in the Merlin fandom was weird for me because people in the UK got to watch the show months before we did. So a lot of people took to watching it illegally so we could all know what was going on. I think this is pretty common with BBC shows in America actually, like people watch Sherlock illegally still. It really sucks that because we have to download it illegally to stay up to date with the fandom that our viewership isn’t counted, and I definitely think that is one of the reasons it got cancelled. (I’m still not over them cancelling Merlin to be honest like we deserved more than five seasons.) This idea that they only count people who watch it live is kind of ridiculous, especially if people are talking about it all over social media. Now I understand how our viewership wouldn’t count because ya know we were doing it illegally, but I don’t see how social media viewership didn’t count for anything. Whenever Merlin was on everyone was talking about it on Tumblr. Honestly the writers just wanted an excuse to get rid of this show because everyone started shipping Merlin and Arthur and they weren’t about it.


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