Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

What Constitutes Meaningful Participation part 3

Posted by emilymorgan98 on April 3, 2017

In the reading, dance crazes and Soulja Boy were brought up which made me think of dance crazes now a days. It was mentioned that DeAndre Way became an overnight sensation and it seems like in today’s culture it has become really easy and simple for something to become a “craze’. If enough people share it then it will become big; which I do not completely love but oh well. It seems like the silliest things get noticed, like the “cash me outside” girl. That whole thing makes me mad. However, these people get big over a line or some kind of dance and get fame which is dumb.

It also mentions how Way wanted people to remake what he did and post it up to him which is really cool; he wants to see what all his fans do. I like when people, mostly on youtube now it is looking like, do this because it feels like they care about fans and they enjoy seeing what their fans do with what they put out there. Seems like more and more celebrities, or at least the bigger people on youtube, seem to try to interact with their audience more. It also go to say how youtubers will reply in comments and honestly, I love when I look through comments and see that the person is replying (or now “loving” the comment) because it shows that they take their time and talk back to their fans and I can only imagine how happy that makes the fan in return.


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