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Value of Meaningful production part 3

Posted by jasendavis on April 3, 2017

The same phenomena that was explained by Bruns when he talks about the effects of “equips” having an effect on Technobrega can also be seen when you think about grass-root bands in states like Kentucky. Take Cage the Elephant for example. They were discovered in 2007 by a record producer at a music festival. Since then, they have enjoyed a great amount of success, but continue to play in and around Bowling Green. Why? Because they feel the need to repay the hardcore fans that have supported them throughout their career. I believe that is the major goal of small market bands in today’s era. They must first develop a strong following that will support them by sharing music and coming to shows. Once the word gets out about the band, the possibility of success is much greater. In that way, these fans take on the role of “produsers”. They have helped to make the band and played an integral part in its success.

I like the line “if it doesn’t spread its dead”. Has anyone else typed what they feel is a perfect tweet that you feel everyone will like? What happens in most cases is that nobody shares it, it doesn’t spread, and eventually, it becomes forgotten.

I think the inequality of production is due to many things. Some private schools offer classes in webpage design and technical production. The most important aspect of this inequality is socioeconomic background. Some people are born into a situation with better means to become a producer.


2 Responses to “Value of Meaningful production part 3”

  1. kaufmansw said

    As a kid that attended private school grades 1-12 I can attest to the fact that you do have a leg up based on your socioeconomic value. I don’t think this is right but unfortunately these schools can provide more opportunity.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you brought in Cage the Elephant (great band btw). The fact that they give back to their hometown shows their dedication which will strengthen their fanbase.

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