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Sharing the media for glory

Posted by emilyfalicaa on April 3, 2017

Smaller sharing platforms have become key in not only in letting consumers become the producer, but using the consumers to spread and create additional material that can prop up larger brands. “What Constitutes Meaningful Participation?” in Spreadable Media explains how songs like Soulja Boy Tell’em created empires and Tecnoberga incorporates the roles of superfans. But similarly, SoundCloud has done the same exact thing. SoundCloud is a music sharing site that allows users to publish or remix and share any music they want. If they give credit to the right people, it can be relatively free. Because of this resource, existing famous artists have been able to use fans to gain more fame. And beginners have used it to launch their own careers of various sizes.

Member of hip hop collective SAVEMONEY with Chance the Rapper, Dannie Trumpet went from casual musician to quite the star because of access to this community style music site.  His music was criticized by a forum much like Tecnoberga and shared on other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) until his fame grew to a substantial amount. This led to him actually releasing an album on ITunes. Other artists like Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix had similar help.

At the same time, using the works of fans is very accessible on this site. Because you have to give credit to the original artists, if you are DJing your hit becomes the artist’s hit. Taylor Swift isn’t known to have the most banging remixes. But upon the release of her last album 1989, many SoundCloud users started remixing songs like Out of the Woods that became so popular that she started selling them on ITunes. Showing these sub platforms are a great advertising method for big brands and little ones.


One Response to “Sharing the media for glory”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I think you made a lot of great points in this post, especially your one about how sometimes artists can use platforms like SoundCloud to “launch their own careers”. I think a great example of that reality is how Olivia O’Brien rose to fame by posting a cover version of Gnash’s song “Disposable”. Her version became so popular that she actually caught the original artist’s attention, and the two eventually collaborated on a new version of one of O’Brien’s original compositions, “i hate u, i love u”, which became a huge hit on charts across the world. So, this example, along with the ones you mentioned, definitely show that “[i]f [artists] give credit to the right people”, then they can immediately kick-start their careers in a very big way.

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