Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Participation Pt 3

Posted by nasir502nasir on April 3, 2017

Participation in media is so important for everyone because without it the media can’t grow I feel. YouTube views wouldn’t go up, new music, artists, comedians and such would never be discovered, and the world, at least the internet world would be fairly boring. The Soulja Boy craze grew quickly and very much because of media participation. Really I feel like artists participation in the social media world as far as musically and just letting their face be seen is very important. You have to do interviews and such, but you also have to make sure you show your face on the places like Instagram and Twitter and things. My favorite music artist has been Drake for a long time now. Drake always makes sure he is connected with his fans through social media and things like that. Drake makes sure we as fans are kept entertained even when he isn’t doing music. He has hosted an awards show, when he isn’t on tour he always shows up to awards shows, he’s done Saturday night Live and many other things throughout his career. Drake knows how to keep his name hot even in other countries by associating and collaborating with people from different countries (even though he’s kind of always done that because he is Canadian signed by an American artist). But he collabs with people from all across the world which makes his music and presence relevant all across the world instead of just over here in North America.


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