Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media Progression and Meaningful Participation

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 3, 2017

Participation is the key to many forms of media progression, and the fact that media relies so much on this “meaningful participation” is actually quite shocking. I really loved how the reading tonight kept using the term “Produsers”. It brought about a whole new way of thinking about how the people who are online watching the content are in different was creating their own things. For example: Harry Potter was a very audience capturing series, and many people have gone on YouTube to try and recreate those movies, or to poke fun at the movie with videos making the characters into drawings and funny illustrations.

The same thing was done with the Soulja Boy video we discussed last week and how people were making their own videos and dancing to the song online. While this form of participation, whether it be poking fun or not, is a crucial part of the online business progression. Without the videos like this being made, the actualy video or movie series itself wouldn’t get as many views or recognition as it does when people promote it in some way.


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