Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation PT. 3

Posted by tommistowers on April 3, 2017

Tonight’s reading really stuck out to me on two topics, Produsage” and “Produsers”. Bruns argued for a more fluid category of participation that he labeled “produsage”- a merging of “production” and “usage,” undertaken by “producers” through collaborative process of creation and re-creation. In the book Soulja Boy encouraged his audience to remix and reperform his content, providing “multiple points of entry”. The most popular videos become more popular throughout the repetition and different variations provided on social media. They are creating their own content but usually using someone else’s creation in some way. This brings the next topic up. Without the videos like this being made, the video itself wouldn’t get as many views or recognition as it does when people promote it in some way.

Soulja Boy showed that he truly cared about his fans’ opinions makes the fans feel important. This then only helped generate more revenue for the artist and views for his song. The more fans there are the better especially when you are doing something that fun and easy to do like dancing. I think what Soulja Boy did only helped him in the long run. Other artist now a days are also taken this into action as well such as Black Beatles, Hit the Quan, and more.


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