Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation part 3

Posted by mackenzie brown on April 3, 2017

I found this reading to be quite interesting being that the study that Ana Domb conducted about the Tecnobrega community was something I had never heard of. This community basically uses fans and fandoms to promote their DJs and their work. The only reason Tecnobrega exists is because of the “audience” they have. Without their audience and fans they would literally be nonexistent. The roles that audiences play in networking is extremely essential. It is a consistent trend throughout this book about spreadable media and how important audiences are. This relates to the part in this chapter that discusses if it is okay for fans and audiences to take parts of popular songs or movies and videos and use them to make their own Youtube videos. Some producers believes that these actions are completely unacceptable being that they are “stealing” or “distorting” their own works and creations although 9 times out of 10 these fans are harmless and not making any money off of their content it is just for self pleasure. On the other hand, some producers agree that these fans are harmless and they do not see any problems with them taking pieces of their creations to make videos or whatever it may be to support what they have made as fans. I can see it from both sides, I think to a certain extent it is perfectly okay for fans to make supportive videos and such using some of the producers works. If they are using it in a negative way to bash the certain producer then I do not think that is okay. Regardless it happens all the time and there are way to many fans that produce such things to try and keep up and sort through all of it to find the good and the bad.


One Response to “Meaningful Participation part 3”

  1. adusheck said

    I thought this was interesting also. Although I had never heard of Tecnobrega before reading this piece, it easily relates to things that occur in my own everyday life and don’t realize. The concept is super simple and holds so much truth, without a fan base you will not be successful.

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