Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation part 3

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on April 3, 2017

From tonight’s readings, I really loved the term “Produsers.” The people watching media content are also creating their own things, often in reaction or response to something else. There is a complex mesh, in varying degrees, of audience member and creator. Big YouTubers do this all the time, they are creating their own content but usually using someone else’s creation in some way. Just look at let’s plays, recording someone’s game with your own commentary, or the vast array of challenges, with so many people doing the same thing in their own way, or just recording literal reactions to pieces of media such as “kid’s react” videos. But not only big YouTuber’s can do this, anyone with access to the internet and a YouTube account could create these things themselves. That doesn’t mean everyone does, whether by choice or by circumstances some people don’t create. Participation doesn’t only mean creating though.

I really loved the examples of social media and video sharing sites being used for a movements and protests. Social media can be used for good in more than one way. These sites are extremely useful for getting large amounts of people unified for a cause, and for spreading information to members quickly.

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