Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation Part 3

Posted by emilychildress329 on April 3, 2017

The topic of meaningful participation that we have discussed over the past week has really stuck out to me. The idea that participation is necessary for certain forms of media to progress is actually shocking to me because I had never really thought about it before. The main topic that really stuck out to me in our reading for tonight was the idea of Co-Creation.

After talking about Soulja Boy and the craze the song got, I decided to go look up the video on YouTube and re-watch it. I did not notice in years past that actually people were there dancing in the background doing the dance behind them. I have now noticed that many dance craze songs have incorporated this idea of co-creation. For example, in videos like Cat Daddy, Stanky Leg and many others, people are going along with the dances in the background. Some videos now even incorporate homemade videos that they include into the artist video.

I believe that by giving people a chance to be in a video, gives the fans a reasons to watch. When you support or like something, you want someone else to support it and like it was well. This can be shown by the amount of likes or shares that someone will get on a post. I think that loyal fans of the artists are able to get the word out about a certain video fast enough, that an artist can become famous overnight. It’s the power behind the fans that allows the artist to make dance crazes.


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