Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation 3

Posted by faythleighann on April 3, 2017

Audience participation is and always be a key to a company’s or product’s success. Often this participation is found through media. The concepts focused in the readings for this post were exactly what was mentioned in class last week. For example, the idea that those participating in media are known as “producers”. In most cases, we think of active users being the main participants, but anyone with an account that regularly uses a media site can be considered a producer. One of the more common examples, that was also mentioned in the reading, is video sharing. Videos of pretty much anything for any reason have become so mainstream that it really does seem to be one the easiest ways to spread media. In one instance, we discussed in class the remakes of the Souja Boy video. The people that do this are using something already put out there and making it their own. By personalizing videos, it creates recognition and other people begin a trend. I mean this kind of thing happens all the time with signature dance moves, music challenges, or even gaming streams. When videos like these become popular, the active participation such as views and likes increases and more people are involved in the craze. This is mainly the reason why it is so easy for lesser known artists, or even random people with a great video can become so popular. These videos are used to be funny, to show talent, or just to have fun making a video with friends, but in any case, they serve a purpose to our culture.


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