Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Crank Dat

Posted by amycorysite on April 3, 2017

Social media can be made out to be super interesting or super excessive for some people. Soulja Boy, for instance, became an overnight success by creating the “Crank Dat.” phenomenon. Thanks to Youtube Soulja Boy made it big by going viral. Without the many new and growing social networking sites communication in our generation may as well not exist. So much of our time is curated as being an active audience member behind the screen. Whether we are responding, listening, or watching ourselves gravitate towards the response of others we remain apart of the audience. Until you publish news of yourself and produce an audience base, then you retain the right as an audience member. Little does that ever happen to some, but for others it can. For example, page 187 states, “Brun’s notion of prousage suggests that those who produce their own video responses retain their roles as audiences, even while they create and publish the content”. Youtube is a prime example of being the audience while watching an audience member apart of the entertainment at hand. Another great quote I found that best suited our generations dynamic was the saying, “ If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead, if it can’t be quoted, it might not mean anything” on page 188. So much of the world of media today friends gratification in the aesthetic and beauty of those around them. Once said look or message has been seen or heard does the public give said concept any meaning behind it to begin with.


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