Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Are you a Fan or part of a Fandom?

Posted by amycorysite on April 3, 2017

Most fandoms are made up of certain trivial pursuits. Audiences of those fandoms are examined through surveillance and how much one may watch or view a sight. Where as the public is seen as a whole and the values in which make them up. So we have Fans being the individuals and Fandoms acting as the public. Between the two I see the individuality of fans to be less meaningful in our media based society today. Why? because one person or fan’s commentary on any given genre of entertainment blends in with any other opinion. Where as, as a fandom you have back-up, support, and evidence to back up a said popular show or game. Fandoms allow people to connect with one another and express their thoughts and feelings on a subject without always being judged. This could be why some fandoms such as professional wrestling, soap operas, or star wars continue to live on in our world of social media. I see myself as merely a bystander. I tend to fall in and out of love with miscellaneous aesthetics where as I feel most people pick one thing they like and stick with it, so I found my response to this reading not consist of much of my opinion, but simply facts. I see the media clumping people together to make them feel as though they belong to something when in reality the only thing you can belong to is yourself.

(meant for March 30th’s post)


One Response to “Are you a Fan or part of a Fandom?”

  1. kaufmansw said

    I believe it’s human tendency to want to be a part of something larger than yourself. WWE is a perfect example because everyone knows it’s fake but yet the fans feel involved and think they have an impact. WWE is so large everywhere you go someone will know what it’s about leading to an instant connection.

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