Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Posted by briannaembry on April 3, 2017

Meaningful participation seems to rest on audiences today as media becomes so much more spreadable. This part of the chapter particularly highlighted the “Crank That” dance craze that took over in 2007. Thanks to YouTube, and of course the use of very meaningful audience participation, this song became very popular and familiar to audiences. More people began to jump on the bandwagon to participate in the dance craze. This act was also encouraged by the artists and it definitely benefitted them in becoming so well known. This is a trend that continues to happen today. Dance crazes and different lyrics used as memes qualify as meaningful participation. For example, the “JuJu On That Beat” dance craze affected the artists of that particular song. Through audience participation in this dance craze through creating and sharing videos, this song became more well known. I, for example had never heard of this song until I started scrolling on my Facebook page and found a new dance craze video centered around it.


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