Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation Part 1

Posted by emilychildress329 on March 29, 2017

When reading these online essays that we were instructed at the beginning of the week to read, I was actually really surprised. I had no idea about the different types of television that people actually considered invitations. In the essay “Television’s Invitation to Participate” by Sharon Marie Ross, it was brought to my attention that there were 3 certain invitations the each television network used for every show. What surprised me is when the author said that organic invitations are predicted to better known than overt in the near future.

When I think of organic invitations and her reference to Degrassi I could not really relate because I could never get into the show, but when dealing with overt invitations I felt that this would continue to be the most popular. For quite some time American Idol was on the air, and I noticed that many people were hooked, however, the show wasn’t the show that caught my attention. When The Voice premiered, it was all the craze. In fact, I like to believe that it still is. Whenever I look on social media on Monday and Tuesday night, the majority of the posts I see are directed to the Voice. No show, in the organic invitation category to me, gets that much rave about one single episode.

Another essay that stood out to me was “How Spreadability Changes How We Think about Advertising”. The opening line states “You can’t spell spreadability without ad”, and now that I think about the article from this perspective I could not agree more. I never thought about how much time and effort actually went into making an ad, but the ad is not even the main focus. The focus is to catch the eye of the audience and how much profit can be made off those views. All of this work gets put in to not take up 90 seconds between the clips of your favorite show on television, but to make you try to find another indulging show.


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