Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

“Lean to the Left, Then Crank Dat”….meaningful participation?

Posted by laurenivey22 on March 29, 2017

While reading the five online essays we were assigned for today, I really had no idea what to expect coming from soap operas to WWE wrestling to who knows what now? When I saw the essay having to do with “Soulja Boy and Dance Crazes” I knew I was finally going to be interested in one of the readings. This essay in particular stood out to me not only because I like music, in general, but I also love rap music. This song used to be my jam and I still remember the first time I heard it at a 5th grade school dance, they played it and my friend taught me the iconic dance moves.
It was very interesting to learn how this song became such a huge hit and what the Soulja Boy meant by some of the lyrics he used. I had always sang the song and never really thought about the lyrics and what they meant. The song was very catchy and had a certain style that became very popular in the 2000s. If it wasn’t for people posting videos of themselves and their friends/family dancing to the song, then it probably wouldn’t have become such a huge hit and had a viral fanbase. Myspace, which was very popular at the time was what all the kids were using to post their videos of them dancing, causing this fanbase.
It just goes to show just how meaningful participation can be in the media for the music industry. Without the help of Myspace and everyone having the ability to make the dancing videos, “Crank Dat” probably would not have become such a huge hit and had as big of a fanbase as it did.

2 Responses to ““Lean to the Left, Then Crank Dat”….meaningful participation?”

  1. That was my jam too!!!! It really was an iconic song and very catchy and it made my childhood more lit.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    This song was a major part of elementary school! We used to do the dance and everything at recess

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