Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Fan vs Fandom

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on March 29, 2017

What is the difference between a audience and the public when referring to media? Well they say a audience acts of measurement and surveillance, being unaware of the traces they leave by the industries. While for the public it directs attention onto messages that they value. We can compare these two factors just like we can with fans and fandom. Fans are just individuals knowing who they support, unlike fandom it is like a unity type of things within a community. At the end of the day they both play a role and media and we could possible learn a thing or two from it. For example, soap operas are good example just because it plays a good role in the situation. Fans that for some reason actually like the shows they usually gossip among family, friends, and love ones about the episodes. I would called this fans because those are a set of people that like a show and express they interest about it among those people. Now if people participated in a soap opera gathering where fans in the community come over every week to watch the show is more of fandom since it’s a group of fans coming together as a group that enjoys the same interest. At the end of the day you can compare these two things into any type of category but at the end of the day they play the same role in them all so the differences can actually become the same.


2 Responses to “Fan vs Fandom”

  1. katemilner9 said

    I think this is where we have to start asking ourselves what constitutes as fan interaction. How “hardcore” do your interactions have to be for you to count as a fandom member? Is there an element of physical participation that you see as the cut off?

  2. I feel as though fan interaction is a game. One is either a starting player, always posting something. Or one may be more of a bedwarmer, where they continue to cheer, but never truly get into the game or fandom for that matter.

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