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Crank That!

Posted by nasir502nasir on March 29, 2017

Oh Boy! The Crank That Era! That was a great time to be a kid. I remember the first time I saw the music video for that song when it debuted on 106 & Park on BET in 2007. Yes, I remember the exact moment and the details and all. I had only heard about this song and this was the World Premiere of the music video. This was back when watching music videos was really big. I learned that dance and every word to the song with quickness! Soon millions of people, kids and grown ups were doing the crank that soulja boy dance and soulja boy was internationally known. People started to do other crank that songs like crank that spiderman, crank that batman, crank that aquaman and way more. This era really made everyone want to get up and dance. Because before this song there were only a few new dance songs that were coming out and were popular. But I feel like the Soulja Boy dance may have been the biggest ever. As far as communication and participation goes, Soulja Boy was able to spread his music through YouTube and MySpace. People would share his music on these sites for everyone else they add or their subscribers to see. Soulja Boy’s popularity was much do to the come up of social media. Because MySpace seemed to be at its peak at the time. Soulja Boy really was a big influence in my life. Soulja Boy is the main reason I created a YouTube account, a MySpace page and a Twitter, back when people didn’t even use Twitter as much. Soulja Boy made my childhood really fun.


2 Responses to “Crank That!”

  1. tommistowers said

    Soulja Boy might be known as the biggest hit dance still to this day. Although Soulja Boy was a one hit wonder it was still known as a rising star song because it made the artist grow and become popular due to the song Soulja Boy! Good Job!

  2. cameronbrooks3 said

    With Soulja Boy song “Crank Dat” being such a success, this lead him to grown into the star he is today. With his signature shoes all the way to his headphones Soulja Boy, isn’t quite a boy anymore and is really starting to do some pretty big things in his career.

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