Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Audience Importance

Posted by adusheck on March 29, 2017

What stuck out most to me during this reading was the clear majority of online users that are considered “inactive” meaning that they do not produce media, but actively watch and comment on it. This was shocking as I touched on in my last writing how common it is today for literally anyone to become a sensation online. Although not everyone receives the same professional attention they may still have a fan base and be recognized as a “celebrity.” Because there are so many examples of this on not only YouTube but also Vine although it is no longer an existing app it is shocking to hear that most of the online community is inactive in creating media. The book uses a sort of negative tone when discussing the role that inactive users play in the world of media which I found a little bit strange as most readings have discussed the struggle between viewers, production companies, advertisers, and television channels. Because of this struggle I would think that “inactive” would be good, these would-be viewers who were clearly still interested in the media that is being produced with no major comments or concerns. I also believe that inactive users are nearly more important than active. You need less people to be producing media because if everyone was producing media there would be nobody to take time to appreciate it or even view it at that. If everyone was focused on producing their own media it would be solely that. With no audience there is no producers.


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