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What Constitutes Meaningful Participation? Part 2

Posted by taylorbelcher on March 28, 2017

I strongly agree with the quote, “The “consumers”… are becoming producers,” because we see today where it’s easier to produce things because of the advancements in technology. However, I also agree when it says that it’s unclear what “use” means in terms of passive and active modes of engagement. Further along in the reading, it says, “We contrast this strong scaffolding with the conditions of production that surround mass media, where an elite few have the skills, knowledge, and motivations required to make meaningful contributions and where most of us remain observers. The processes of more skilled participants are hidden from public view in order to protect the “magic” and “mystique” of professional media making.” Why do you think many people remain hidden or remain as an observer? 

Something else that I also found interesting but not really surprising is when it said that teens had an “increasingly active participation” compared to adults when it comes to media participation. For example, it said, “…52 percent of people online were “inactives” and only 13 percent were “actual creators” of so-called user-generated content…” for adults. On the other hand, it said that they “underestimate some changes in cultural production by focusing on data that only include adults… 64 percent of U.S. teens online had produced media, with 39 percent circulating that content beyond friends and family.”

I also learned what a “lurker” is. The reading describes a “lurker” as someone who “provides value to people sharing commentary or producing multimedia content by expanding the audience and potentially motivating their work, while critics and curators generate value for those who are creating material and perhaps for one another.”


2 Responses to “What Constitutes Meaningful Participation? Part 2”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I think you made a lot of great points in this post, especially your one about how teens have such a crucial role in creating content in today’s media environment. Your use of statistics, specifically “64 percent of U.S. teens online had produced media, with 39 percent circulating that content beyond friends and family”, really added a lot of meaningful information. I think people of our generation have been raised in a culture that encourages them to not only create, but to also share their creations with an audience much wider than their close-knit social circle of people they know personally.

  2. lillieeastham said

    Recently I found out that one of my friends has been running a fan blog for the play ‘Hamilton’ with hundreds of followers. I think creating content like this is really helpful for people our age with very specific interests, like my friend, that might not be shared by their friends in day to day life.

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