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TV takes over

Posted by mackenzie brown on March 28, 2017

TV is so powerful especially in this generation. TV shows are basically our main source of media entertainment these days. Fans love TV shows and being connected with them. There are so many ways to be connected with a TV show now because we have a surplus amount of websites, blogs, and even hashtags on Twitter to keep viewers connected with the show. Fans take the shows they like very seriously and want to feel connected in any way possible. The sense of “moral ownership” fans have about soaps van show how seriously fans take the show. I have heard people before claiming the shows saying “I have to go watch MY show” or something along those lines and like the essay stated they don’t give much credit to the authors and producers. The stories in TV shows are what make fans so connected because they can relate to things happening in the shows and they can feel like it was written for them and it will help them get through a hardship in their lives. The TV shows do such a great job using the media to market their shows and pull viewers deeper into the series. We even have things like Netflix and Hulu that viewers can watch series or a specific show over and over or binge watch an entire series of a show all in one sitting. The TV world is beyond popular in our culture, it is always going to be talked about and marketed for all of those out there to see and want to join in.


One Response to “TV takes over”

  1. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I really love the points you make! Not only do hashtags on Twitter allow viewers to connect, but I’ve seen fans deliberately come together to get a certain show trending on Twitter to publicize their support and love for the show.

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