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The Power of TV

Posted by kaufmansw on March 28, 2017

Television is at a premium when it comes to power today.  When I hear the word entertainment, one of the first things to come to mind is my favorite television shows.  Fans like to feel involved and a part of their TV shows. Social media has allowed fans to become more involved than ever. The desire fans have to feel connected is what makes the shows boom. Sports fans believe they truly do have an impact on the final score no matter where they are.  They believe the players feed off of their energy and I would agree to this to an extent.

The stories in TV shows are what make fans so connected because they can relate to things happening in the shows in their own personal lives and believe they can use the lessons learned in the show to solve their own problems.  The TV shows do such a great job using the media to market their shows and pull viewers deeper into the series. One of the best things ever created was Netflix because people now don’t have to wait a week between episodes.  They can watch as much as they want of whatever they want.  The TV world is beyond popular in our culture, it is always going to be talked about and marketed because of the amount of money involved as well as the how much entertainment it provides.  Television provides news, drama, sports, and just about anything else people could possibly worry about.  If I didn’t watch TV for a week I would feel behind.

2 Responses to “The Power of TV”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I think you made a lot of great points in this post, especially your overarching point, which is that TV is king in today’s media environment. Even on Twitter, many posts are about TV shows, their characters, comments on their story lines and more. If we really think about it, so many memes are of characters from television shows too: the caveman Spongebob and confused Mr. Krabs memes spring to mind. I think you definitely have a great idea in saying that TV stays popular because people don’t want to feel “behind”, which is what drives them to keep coming back.

  2. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I absolutely love the points you make in this post. I think it’s kind of weird that everything seems to come back to TV. Lots of social media posts are about television shows. I mean half the accounts I follow on Instagram just edit those shows for entertainment. There are tons of blogs dedicated to discussing television shows, and YouTube channels as well.

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