Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Media Participation

Posted by emilyjones232 on March 28, 2017

In our assigned readings for this week, it was addressed that the world of advertising is dead.

Many people state that ads do not influence them to buy a product or not. Personally, I get so impatient with advertisements. For example, I am slowly becoming obsessed with this app called Fight Lists. The game is essentially like Scategories and pits two people to gather to see who can name the most items in that list, such as types of felines or Lady Gaga songs. Every time a round is over or you open the app, there is a 30 second ad. I know the game is fresh and the creators are gaining momentum but it can be ridiculous. Personally, ads can be very frustrating, but I know that is how companies make their profit.

To better reach the consumers, advertising agencies need to adapt. Television has changed since its conception, so why shouldn’t ads?


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