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Meaningful Participation Part 2

Posted by amycorysite on March 28, 2017

After finishing the reading for March 28th’s blog post I resonated with the concept of teenagers dominating the atmosphere of social media versus adults. The generation I grew up in along with all of my peers, has focused mainly around the means of social networking and editing accounts. Intending to share and contribute their lives with those of others. Little do we see our parents or other older relatives scrolling through Instagram or Twitter on an hourly basis. At least I would hope not. Although, our younger generation may be more tech savvy than those before us, there are still cons I see revealed through the words, posts, tweets, etc of my peers. The ever growing social networking and means of communication as a whole has escalated to a whole other level of mindless scenarios being shared on snapchat, miscellaneous tweets about basketball games, or emotionally complex tweets about the struggles one may be going through at that point in time. Twitter overall I think is great for catching up on news facts, stats, or upcoming events. But what irks me the most about a social networking site -Twitter- specifically, is the fact that my generation has begun to abuse it as a means for a diary and use of hours of ones time wasted on the mindless thoughts of others alike. On the other hand I do see how Twitter’s use of communication can be a way to bond with those who will see eye to eye with one another and connect or respond to the said tweet.


2 Responses to “Meaningful Participation Part 2”

  1. jasendavis said

    I think it is interesting how our generation tries to monetize social media. We see a couple of people making it big in YouTube or twitter, and many others use it as their grass root platform I know I have tried to turn a twitter Paige and blog into a career. No success so far.

  2. tristendenney14 said

    I definitely agree with you Amy. Social media today has become a means of sharing meaningless thoughts, or even “showing off” sometimes. It has become less concerned with actual interaction with others, and more focused on the monetary value. Therefore, I hope in the future, social media will transition back into a means of online interaction for everyone.

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