Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation

Posted by emmaeled on March 28, 2017

Through out the chapter the discussion that stood out to me the most was the idea of fans vs. fandoms. I always thought that there was not a difference but being introduced to the pyramid of participation earlier in the chapter, there are clear undeniable differences. With the pyramid structure there are less and less towards the top the more creativity, time, effort, dedication, and money that is required. Fans can enjoy something like a book series or television show and just sort of coast around the bottom of the pyramid. Fandoms would be at the top creating discussion boards about theories, alternate story endings, or what if scenarios. Much like the brand communities they are more likely to petition or voice their opinions and demand to be heard when something they do not approve of is going on. For example when a    certain character on a soap opera was well liked by the audience, the audience started a letter writing campaign to ensure that the character would stay a part of the show. The writers hear their opinions and the actor was given a contract. While only few participated everyone benefited from the campaign much like fan vs fandom idea.


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