Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation

Posted by briannaembry on March 28, 2017

I find it very interesting of how much audience participation has managed to change throughout history. Mass communication started with newspapers that were sent out to their audience, offering no audience participation. Later, out came the radio- again, a one sided piece of media, but still paved the way for change. In this relatively short time period, we now have many elements of platform for the media. With this rapid change in technology, audience participations has rapidly changed as well. Spreadable Media states, “The rise of digital platforms has only amplified and widened the scope of the activities of the already socially networked and participatory audience.” Online discussion boards contribute to participation of audiences among different fandoms. Online forums have become very relevant in the topic of discussion of what audiences want to see and even spark interest  in their media. For example, the book used to soap As the World Turns, which was an easy reference to understand because of the soap studies and episodes we studied in class. The coming out of gay-teen, Luke Snyder sparked debates but also sparked interest for the soap among new communities and audiences. This is an example of how audience participation can be meaningful, in the sense that they can spread the media to new audiences.


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