Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Wrestling Part 2

Posted by amycorysite on March 27, 2017

After both readings on professional wrestling I noticed how each reading made the readers look at professional wrestling through means of several cultural influences. Like any other media reading we have analyzed throughout this course, so much of media success is based around the fans engagement with each fight. Because professional wrestling is a performance sport the distinction between the reality and performance of the match helps to further engage the audience at hand; as a result, the dramatic effects blur the perspectives of the fans as they watch the outcome of each match. The blurred perspective of each match would have to come from the “kayfabe” reference pertaining to the staged actions derived from the fake appearance of the wrestling on stage. The sport remains theatrically based. When watching a match, the roars coming from the crowed creates an atmosphere of increasing intensity, energy, and excitement resinating around the arena. The spirit of wrestling remains reliant on their fan base to further the professions of the careers of the wrestlers. It is as if the fans become part of the fight as well. There leaves us with two perspectives to look at. One being, the fan base and the wrestlers are equally successful and benefit from the matches both financially and emotionally. Or one can look at the relationship between the professional wrestling fan base and the wrestlers as more of a business transaction. The audience is always intended to be pleased and never disappointed.


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