Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Social Participation

Posted by nasir502nasir on March 27, 2017

Good old social media…. where would we be without it? Would we be further along? Would we be less aware of things? Or would we be more aware? I don’t even know the answer to that. But I do know that I use social media a lot. And over the years it has switched from one site to another. It started with Myspace, then went to Facebook, then got to where it is now where it is a mixture of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Twitter and Instagram are used the most. The thing about social media these days is you can do as you please in a way. Like your profile can be made into your own. Even though you can’t control the content other people put on there. As far as participation goes you do kind of need to participate to get the full effect of social media because it is all about being social, hence the name social media. Don’t get me wrong, you can kind of sit back and observe a lot of the time, but even that is kind of participating. You are putting forth the effort to use the social site, so you are kind of a participant. I’ve actually done a lot of networking through the use of social media. The only problem I have with social media is it seems to take over reality sometimes because people act one way on a social site or say things on them that they wouldn’t have the confidence to say in person.


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