Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Social Media Participation

Posted by connorfrederick12 on March 27, 2017

Participation in social media is a must. There is no social in social media without participation.

I am an avid user of twitter and Instagram, but mostly twitter. I see every day the high out of tweets coming through my timeline that are retweeted and liked by others that I go on to like and retweet myself.

Simply logging onto your preferred social media site is not enough for true participation. You must tweet, like, retweet, post, comment, poke or whatever it is that your social media has. In doing this the sites gather data on what is popular in your area, region, state, country or whatever measurement may be. This will recommend other posts that would probably interest you.

Within the last year or so, twitter has introduced the “Moments” tab. This allows you to keep up with events from the prior day or big news stories that are developing. You can “subscribe” to events to some moments that are happening right then and you can get popular tweets from people tweeting about the situation or developing news at hand.

In using twitter a lot, I try not to be one of those assholes that think a retweet or like is worth a million dollars, so I tend to retweet and reply to a lot of tweets (which some people do not like and I end up getting unfollowed but, their loss)

Restating what I said before, social media is all about participation and wouldn’t be social without it.

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