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Social media

Posted by marylennoxhalf on March 27, 2017

This topic is very interesting to me, because lately I have thought a lot about what people post on social media. In high school, I was always shocked when people my age would post things that were something they probably shouldn’t post. This could honestly be anything even the slightest bit “inappropriate” to me. I never posted anything bad, simply because my mother would always remind me that sororities could see what I posted, and I would not have a successful rush if I had those things on my profile. This was a constant reminder in the back of my head all throughout high school. Now, as I have matured and like to think I have seen about all I can see, things bother me less often. When I see someone post something questionable,  I keep scrolling and do not think about it twice. I have noticed though, that this has made me immune to these posts. Sometimes, I forget to think to myself if this could hurt me in the long run. I notice most of these things on Instagram, mostly. But lately I have seen it more on Twitter.

Twitter is my favorite form of social media, mostly just because it makes me laugh. I always love scrolling through all of the posts and sending my friends funny tweets through private messages. Unlike Instagram, where you are posting your own pictures, on twitter you can retweet things from other people. I will see a funny tweet, retweet it, then later go back and look at it. I am simply just retweeting just because it makes me laugh, but the content of the tweet could be something that I probably shouldn’t have on my profile. My old, more protected self probably would not have even understood or laughed at that tweet. But I am less cautious to the harm this could be doing to me, not just now, but for future references and job opportunities.

Overall, I might be way off in this blog post, I have just been thinking a lot about this lately, and decided it kind of went together with today’s topic. Hopefully, being aware of these social media trends can help us become more aware to the content of our social profiles and ways this can impact us at a later time in our lives.


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