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Meaningless Music

Posted by adusheck on March 27, 2017

The article about Soulja Boy stuck out to me particularly because it shows the true power that both the internet and social media possess over us as a society because he was able become famous by simply posting videos online. Although this is not discussed in the article this has become a social norm and is true of a multitude of stars other than Soulja Boy such as Justin Bieber and Susan Boyle. Although Boyle, unlike Bieber was on television, it was her YouTube video that skyrocketed her career. While it is generalized, that musicians are the only people discovered online this is false, several celebrity personalities are brought to our attention online and some celebrities use social media to gain status/popularity. An example of this would-be Chrissy Teigen. While Teigen is a well-known and established model she is known more so for her marriage to John Legend AND her sassy twitter commentary. The fact that people are able to gain status and MONEY for such little efforts is actually kind of scary and shows the true lackluster quality that millennials possess; this struck me when reading the Soulja Boy article in particular because all he did was combine other rapper’s songs and dance moves and that unoriginal twist was enough to make him millions. This is a common them now in music especially, some of the most popular songs are songs that aren’t saying anything at all. Songs that show this specifically are “Watch Me,” “Work,” “Rolex,” and “Swang” these are just a few examples that are currently popular. Although I am guilty of listening to these songs, I can admit that they lack meaning.


One Response to “Meaningless Music”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I think you made a lot of great points in this post, specifically your one about how some celebrities use social media to gain further status and popularity. Your example of Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter notoriety made me think of Dan Bilzerian and his massive social media presence. Bilzerian, like Teigen, was known in his profession and in many smaller social circles, but after he began making outrageous posts on Twitter and Instagram, his celebrity grew to other-worldly levels. Like you said, the money people can make from such low effort content is honestly amazing in a sad kind of way.

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