Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful Participation

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on March 27, 2017

In tonight’s reading I really liked how they mentioned that the study shouldn’t have only focused on adults, the majority of teenagers are producing media online. It even shocked me to find that many of the editing accounts I follow on Instagram are ran by 14-17 year-olds. Though it would make sense, because they have the most free time on their hands.

I also have found myself that people too often forget, or just don’t realize, there are different divisions within a single company. There was a case of this with Steven Universe recently. A promotion for a new episode was put out by Cartoon Network, showing a gemstone that was green with red splotches. The caption read “If you can guess the gem, you can guess who you’re going to meet tomorrow night on a brand new Steven Universe!” This gemstone obviously resembles Bloodstone, so everyone assumed there would be major plot developments of some sort in this episode, as new gems aren’t really revealed often. It turns out that there was no gem, that Bloodstone was just the name a human character wanted to give himself to “fit in” with the crystal gems. A lot of fans were mad, and viewed this as being lied to. What a lot of people failed to see was that this was on the marketing team, and the crew that works on Steven Universe had no part in it and weren’t even aware of it at the time.

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