Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Meaningful participation

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on March 27, 2017

Before reading the assigned section for tonight’s blog post, I was somewhat interested in what this would even be about. Then after reading the actual text for a little bit, I became very interested in this concept on what real participation is when talking about being involved in social media. I have often thought about this idea, because how does one really define what participation to online media and sharing things that are not actually real. I personally see social media participation as communication or replying to what people post. There are lots of people that do not ever post on their accounts, they just have them to say they have them. Or they have a facebook so they can connect themselves to friends on game like I did when I was in high school. So I would say that these people are not true, active participants on theseĀ social media platforms. I say this because they are not actively communicating with anyone on these sites. I say this because if that translated to real life, it would be like a group of people hanging out in public and some random guy just came up and stood behind them and just listened to what they were talking about. Yeah, this would be extremely creepy, but it is essentially what people do if they just get on their social media accounts to see what people post. Therefore, I believe to be a real participant in social media you have to actually communicate with other people. Whether that communication is through posting, reposting, DMing, or commenting.


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