Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

K-Poppers for Hilltoppers

Posted by lillieeastham on March 27, 2017

The speaker for K-Toppers for Hilltoppers is a prime example of the highly-involved fan that we have been discussing in class.

She takes her passion a step further than having a blog online, and travels all over the world to speak on South Korean music, film and TV.

I also noticed that she mentioned how many forms that her passion has taken. She mentioned meeting tons of other fans in Chicago and forming friendships through their mutual interests. Through these people, she has also begun to take interest in other aspects of Korean culture, such as their food.

Another thing she mentioned was that she often uses platforms such as YouTube to access Korean content, due to the difficulty of accessing Korean channels in America. Clearly, as a hardcore fan she would pay if given the option, but this is simply the only way she can access the content. However, she does mention that she attends every time a Korean group comes to Chicago, so she does have monetary value as a fan.

This could lead to discussions amongst those that produce these TV shows that can be found on YouTube. Is it worth it to give away some content for free if it means gaining a passionate international audience? Or is the fact that this fanbase is so far away and may never have a way to financially contribute to the show mean that it is a waste? Furthermore, does a fan like Sherri Molen who travels the world singing your praises count for more than a fan that never leaves their house but whose blog reaches twice as many people within seconds?


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