Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Pop Culture Hierarchy

Posted by adusheck on March 23, 2017

The readings for today were particularly interesting to me as they not only made me look at a different view as they discussed the feelings that society puts on different fandoms but also because the comparison of wrestling and soap operas along with Star Trek. While all of these things are completely different what makes them similar is their fandoms/audiences. Each of the viewers are looked at as the lower value of people in the societal hierarchy, what is strange about this is that the audiences for these shows/movies are completely different. When we discussed soap operas it was brought to my attention that the targeted audience was stay at home moms because they were the only ones home to watch during the day, while wrestling targets a completely different audience as it targets mostly males and is showed at night. Star Trek differs from both in that it is not viewed as frequently but still receives the same amount of critique by society. In reading this I developed several questions. The main one being, how do we as a society decide what each level of this hierarchy consists of? I feel that the hierarchy is an unspoken rule/language. There is no guide that states what is cool and what is not because pop culture is purely opinion based which is what makes each of these topics so complex. While overall it is recognized that wrestling is considered lower level entertainment the fan base that it has is still huge and does not recognize that just as I may not like a show but my best friend can love it, what makes something good?


3 Responses to “Pop Culture Hierarchy”

  1. I’m glad that you mentioned that even though wrestling, soap operas, and Star Trek are different, they all have a common similarity- their fandoms/audiences. It’s interesting to see how different shows target different types of people, and sometimes they intrigue an unintended audience. You make an excellent point though in saying what can be classified as “good” when “pop culture is purely opinion based.”

  2. lillieeastham said

    I really like your points about what makes something “acceptable” to be a fan of. I think what all of these fans have in common is their die hard dedication to their favorite shows. Most people can’t relate to having such an intense passion for a show, so they assume fans like that are a bit crazy.

  3. emilymorgan98 said

    I like how you showed that different shows have different audiences and therefor different fans. It is not fair to pin soap operas, wrestling, and Star Trek all up against each other since they are have very different fans/fandoms.

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