Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Fanatic Stereotype

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on March 23, 2017

One of the worst things that we do to one another as human beings is stereotyping each other. Either it’s because we don’t feel the same way someone else does on a topic, or just because he hear something we believe it and it makes us want to judge them, making people feel less than what they really are. Well in this case of fanatic stereotypes it plays the same role. There are a lot of concerns about media  accounts stereotyping fans which is the heart of fan studies orgin. For example, World Wrestlering Entertainment (WWE) is one of those stereotypes people make on it being a “real” sport or not. Even though in my opinion I do not like wrestling one bit and it does seem scripted, once again that is just my own opinion and there are people out there that really enjoy WWE and think it is 100% real. Unlike any other major sports league, what makes WWE different from the rest is that they don’t have an off-season. For example, Almost every week WWE airs at least five hours of new cable programs, as well as new programs on the WWE channel.  In the wrestling culture they are targeted the most when it comes down to being not only real or fake but, concerns to the public. Wrestling fandom will always be miss understood and we will never get the full concept of it unless we examine it and ask questions about WWE, maybe if we start with this the answers will come as well.


4 Responses to “Fanatic Stereotype”

  1. connorfrederick12 said

    The sport itself is 100% real, thats nothing to argue. The only thing fake about it are the situations and that the matches are already decided. Aside from that, it’s real. These athletes are very talented and can get seriously hurt if they don’t do the right technique to execute a move.

  2. emilychildress329 said

    I agree with the comment above, however I agree with you that it does seem scripted. I like to believe that it is for comical purposes. When watching in class the other day I noticed that the wrestlers were making it very obvious in “play” fighting.

  3. emilymorgan98 said

    i agree with you saying how wrestling comes off as scripted. it came off that just about every move that was made seemed to be pre-planned. I also agree when the comment that the worst thing we can do as humans is stereotyping each other. Everyone deserves to enjoy whatever they wish.

  4. jasendavis said

    I dislike wrestling, but the one thing I won’t do is discredit the athleticism and skill that the performers exhibit. Its like acting and athletics mashed into one big, scripted event. In my personal opinion, the athletic nature and the kinesthetic awareness that these men and women possess is something worth admiring even if their acting isn’t.

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