Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Wrestling P1

Posted by katemilner9 on March 22, 2017

“Pro-wrestling might seem an unlikely lens through which to examine American culture” indeed. But, as has happened with every other topic we’ve taken on in this class, after reading these essays, I was forced to reevaluate my stance on the cultural significance of the subject matter. While I had considered the relationship between wrestling and gender expectations for other courses, reading for this post made me consider how wrestling, the characters created for it, and the narrative of it all affects our culture. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as our culture is so fixated on the sort of “underdog versus champion” story, and any excuse to tell a good victory story.

But what was more interesting was the proper explanation of what exactly transmedia storytelling is. Because while it’s sounded like something big and illusive all semester, what we realize in taking a closer look is that it’s a form of storytelling that’s always growing. From old school cartoons made to sell comics and toys, to things like the Marvel and DC cinematic universes that require you to partake in multiple films and series per year, we keep seeing these big sprawling canons being created, and establishing these immersive worlds that most people would neglect to acknowledge also appear in places like the pro-wrestling world or soap operas. Readings like these make us look at genres of media that are often devalued, and see them as equal to what people would assume are types of media that are easier to analyze.


2 Responses to “Wrestling P1”

  1. lillieeastham said

    I also noticed a similarity between the die hard fans of wrestling and super heroes. Both are very immersive and require a lot of dedication.

  2. vene131 said

    I see this point with shows that are kind of all in the same universe like Marvel and DC. I know that there are like four Chicago shows (Fire, Med, ect) where they have these huge crossover events. This happened recently with The Flash and Supergirl because my fave Darren Criss played the bad guy.

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