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Wrestling again

Posted by nasir502nasir on March 22, 2017

The fact that we really just transitioned from talking about soap operas to watching WWE in class is absolutely hilarious to me even though it makes complete sense. I have always said that professional wrestling such as WWE is basically a manly soap opera. And this transition basically just proved that theory was right all this time. Nevertheless the topic now is a little different in speaking on the radical fans of WWE who really take the sport to heart even though they know it isn’t reality. Because I think once we grow older we all have the intellect to realize that these guys would be dead or close to it after getting thrown around in the manner that they are on a weekly basis. Radical fans know that the show isn’t real, but to me that is no different than with soap operas and people getting so into it that it almost seems like reality. Honestly that can go for any show. The more you make it seem like it is reality the more it can seem like it is. It is just the fact that wrestling comes with violence that can throw certain types of people off if you aren’t really looking for or ever been exposed to this type of violence in a television show, even though today if we are being honest violence is basically everywhere. Violence, sex appeal, action and great story lines are what are selling to the public the most these days it seems.


3 Responses to “Wrestling again”

  1. Kimberlea Ferrell said

    I love the comparison to other shows! The stories can be so real to you, even while you know it’s purely fictional, so wrestling really isn’t that different from anything else we watch.

  2. laurenivey22 said

    I definitely agree with the fact that even though wrestling is fiction, so are many movies, tv shows, etc that we watch. But then it also brings about the question of “can wrestling even be considered a sport if its all fake?” something to think on.

  3. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you raised the question of should it even be a sport at all. Nice point!

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