Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Understanding Professional Wrestling, Pt.2

Posted by tristendenney14 on March 22, 2017

As we near the end of our professional wrestling discussions, I am beginning to see the business model, and how the WWE has been so successful over the past few decades. From people like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair creating the initial hype, to people like John Cena having a lasting effect inside and outside of the ring today, one begins to see that the WWE is not only focused on monetizing their industry, but truly satisfying their fans. Throughout all four of the articles we have read by our professor Sam Ford, you can truly see how much the WWE values their fan base. For example, in one of today’s assigned readings titled, “The Marks Have Gone Off-Script: Rogue Actors in the WWE’s Stands”, the article describes WWE fans not only as spectators, but also as “a community member, critic, vernacular theorist, and performers.” Although it is odd to consider a fan a “performer”, without the fans “performing” their duties as fans to come to shows, watch the events on TV, and buy the merchandise, the WWE would not be around today or have near the success that it does. Also, another main point this article and today’s other reading titled, “I Was Stabbed 21 Times by Crazy Fans’: Pro Wrestling & Popular Concerns with Immersive Story Worlds”, show is the use of kayfabe and how the fans in attendance at events are valued more than those watching on TV. I love the idea of the WWE still relating back to its initial roots and trying to protect the “fictional” side of the wrestling through kayfabe, because I feel it preserves the true meaning of what the WWE is all about. Plus, relating to valuing fans in attendance more than those on TV, I believe this process allows these fans to constantly stay interested in the sport, especially while at the events since these fans paid money to see quality entertainment. Therefore, although I never quite got into WWE like others, I believe the way the WWE handles their shows and fan base are brilliant, and will continue to be popular in the sports world for many years to come.


2 Responses to “Understanding Professional Wrestling, Pt.2”

  1. jacobkaraglanis said

    I like the point that you made about kayfabe. WWE is still trying to maintain their story lines and plots at pretty much whatever cost. Like the tensions between wrestlers and their “beefs” with one another.

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