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Understanding Professional Wrestling Part2

Posted by faythleighann on March 22, 2017

So, as discussed in my last post, the reality of wrestling isn’t necessarily fake to fans. Through the mentioned techniques, wrestling is engaging, and earlier on Tuesday, I felt just like those fans cheering in the stadium (slightly less dramatic). When we were watching the fights, I honestly was interested in who’s going to do what move, or how dramatic is this person going to be slapped. Even though I knew it was fake and thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it, the matches surprisingly kept my attention. Just like any other TV show or performance with the purpose of entertainment, WWE has become a part of our culture. I mean millions of people who don’t even watch the show could name three wrestlers, or at least the infamous John Cena. Main reason for the popularity is the enthusiasm and devotedness of the true fans; the fans that know a champion has already won before the fight begins and believes there is a chance anyways. These crazed fans are the reason WWE has been so successful for so many decades, as mentioned in “The Marks Have Gone Off-Script: Rogue Actors in the WWE’s Stands”. Their dedication to attending the tournaments (in both videos the stadiums were packed with an excited audience), and buying merchandise, and simply the support they give to the wrestlers is why WWE can be honest with its audience and still be successful. In both articles, the relationship between WWE and its fans was expressed as mutually valued, and that’s one reason why it is so respected as an entertainment enterprise.


One Response to “Understanding Professional Wrestling Part2”

  1. katemilner9 said

    Its interesting that we tend to assume wrestling loses some of its appeal once we know its fake, and are shocked to find it engaging still, as if some of the largest media industries today are based around writing and acting and just plain pretending. What about wrestling makes us think the whole appeal relies on how honest it is?

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