Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Understanding Professional Wrestling Part 2

Posted by emilychildress329 on March 22, 2017

As I stated in my blog post on Monday night, I was already familiar with professional wrestling. I loved watching just for the pure enjoyment. It was always fascinating to me that this is what certain people actually do to make a living for themselves. After watching the ones in class on Tuesday, however,  I actually lost interest in them. To me, in these two fights I saw I lot more of fake television, more than I had ever saw before in any WWE match. I love WWE, especially watching the women because of the obvious girl power, but this particular fight was just distasteful to the eye. On a more positive note, there were some things that I noticed that made these readings assigned a little more easier to explain.

When the fights first started, you were able to see the wrestlers introductions and just how many supporters that they had. This is what clicked with me. The reason I believe that the WWE stays so popular is that the fans are also a certain part of the fight. There is a business between the wrestler and the fans. The wrestler has a job to do, and it is not to just win matches. It is to please the audience. If the audience is pleased, the more merchandise and hype the wrestler will receive.

This just like any profession is basically like a business transaction. Everyone tries to please the audience or customer in order to get more talk. This talk leads to a greater amount of business and a greater lifestyle for the one in charge.


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